​Sat Oct. 26 2013

97.1 Amp Radio Halloween Masquerade with Robin Thicke and Jason Derulo

 Maryam Plays Paparatzzii​​​​​​​​​​

​​T​he day of Oct 26th 2013 I was hanging out with my paparatzzi friend across the street from the Paladium. 97.1 was out there giving away free tacos's and a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Halloween Bash. As we drove by we heard the music playing loud and saw free taco's so we stopped and signed up for the drawing got a taco and walked over to the Paladium to watch as they set up for the event.3o min later we went back over to find out who won the tickets for the drawing they had announced the winner and we did not get it.Instead the guy goes oh hear I have a extra pair and hands over a set to my friend so we got a pair to go see the concert. I was so shocked and excited to go to a concert lol the only concert real concert I have ever been to was when I was 16yr. old it was in Birmingham Al some huge stadium to see Vanilla Ice perform I walked out of that concert deaf for 1 hour straight after it was over. So then we got the tickets and rushed over to get in line I felt like a kid again oh I'm 35 yr old if you all are wondering my age. Lol it was so funny. Robin Thicke was the opening act. I watched as he came on to perform the lights dimmed down they announced his name and out comes Robin Thicke. What a great performance and I love the back up girls with the band. Then they announced Jason Derulo wow what a performance I was so blown away by the high energy dancing I love the all male back up dancers that was awesome As I watched him perform I thought to myself wow I only see this guy on T.V now he's right here in person performing live that was amazing to watch. I love his music and dance choregraphy in his sets what a inspiration and talent to watch him live. I was so excited. I can't wait to actualy get an interview with him at a real radio station once I graduate and finish schooling for broadcasting. I can sit down and interview Jason and laugh about how me and my friend left the concert early to hang out around the back with the other stalkaratzzi's to get a glimpse/photo of him has he leaves the show. So we left out early went out around the back to meet 3 other paparazzi's hanging out waiting to get shots of the singer. As we approached on the other side of the street with a closer view I think they felt threatend by me cause 10 minutes in us just standing around waiting they cross the steet looked at me then left. 5 minutes later out comes Jason Derulo So I grabbed my friends hand and go there he is let's go So we walk towards him as my friend stands back I start approaching Jason slowly taking pictures back to back as I get closer he's standing around talking surrounded by security and some other people every were. So I keep shooting footage of him walking slowly towards him worried that he may grab my camera and break it thank god he didn't. So I get right up next to him and manage to get one good pose of him he posed for me so cute. Then I stopped put my camera down to the side handed him a business card he says yes I will definately check you out and I go dang I feel like a paparatzzi and asked him if I could just get a picture with him and he said yeah. I got a pic with him then left out very intresting night I had that day. I got to meet a very talented superstar Jason Derulo